SKYFEST Film Festival

As part of its library building acquisitions plan, Skyblock Media Group has announced the formation of SKYFEST, a cloud-based film festival designed to attract global filmmaking talent and provide alternative distribution avenues for independents.

Official selections and festival winners will be invited to participate in the Skyblock On Demand SVOD platform where they can generate revenue with their films and connect with audiences worldwide.

Unique to the platform is the integration of cryptocurrency as a payment method and a specialized royalty distribution arrangement which utilizes blockchain technology to quickly and transparently share revenue with filmmakers.

Look for additional details and entry requirements to be announced in the near future.

About Skyblock Media Group
Skyblock Media Group is a technology platform that aims to connect filmmakers with audiences through SVOD offerings, film festivals, and competitions that move beyond traditional  methods of distribution by leveraging the power and convenience of the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets.