New Token Acquisition and Integration

Skyblock Media Group is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of FLiK Entertainment, a 2017 startup focused on internet media sales backed by cryptocurrency based transactions.

Skyblock Media Group sees FLiK as a vital ingredient in the company’s march towards building an SVOD platform designed to empower filmmakers with simplified distribution and royalty collection methods that reach worldwide audiences via minimal third party interactions.

Existing FLiK technologies currently in development and the established FLiK token already in circulation will serve to significantly accelerate the Skyblock project timeline and cryptocurrency payment integration system.

About Skyblock Media Group

Skyblock Media Group is a technology platform that aims to connect filmmakers with audiences through SVOD offerings, film festivals, and competitions that move beyond traditional methods of distribution by leveraging the power and convenience of the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets.

About FLiK Entertainment

FLiK was founded to develop a world-class video streaming platform that gives creatives the ability to self-distribute their film or television show to a global audience, eliminate theĀ  cumbersome traditional distribution models, and put the earnings power directly into the hands of the creators. FLiK tokens were designed to enable holders to rent or purchase projects on the FLiK platform.